Buttermilk Subscriptions

Save $$$ + never go hungry again. Seems to good to be true, huh? Introducing, cart subscriptions.

Here's how it works:
1. Add your favorites to your cart (no minimums!)
2. At checkout, choose how often you want them delivered to you (from 1-4 weeks)
3. That's it! Checkout like normal + you'll receive 10% off + free shipping on this + every future order.
Why do you care?

If you've tried any of our food before, you know that it's good. Like realllyyyy good. But the next time you're getting that craving for homemade Indian food you won't have any! Subscribing not only saves you time + money, it also gives you piece of mind that you have food in your fridge at all times. No matter resorting to $15 food delivery or instant noodles -- you have Buttermilk. 

What are you waiting for? Get started.
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