Recycling 101

Recycling is a huge part of protecting our environment. As an individual, it is arguably one of the biggest contributions to a clean planet. It helps fight global warming, reduce energy consumption, decrease the pollution in our air, and lower the waste in landfills! The Buttermilk team is committed to doing our part by providing 100% recyclable packaging, and we hope you will follow these simple instructions to do your part too!

How to recycle everything in your Buttermilk package:

  • The box: This one is easy! All you have to do is break down the box and pop it into your recycling bin as you would with any other box or package that comes in the mail.
  • The silver liners: Although these look slightly intimidating and this may sound crazy, all silver liners that come in the box can be placed in your recycle bin! That’s right, it is 100% recyclable and is accepted at most recycling facilities. Fun Fact: When you recycle these liners, they are reused as wood replacements, for things like park benches, boat docks, and even the trays at fast food restaurants!
  • The silver mailers: Similar to the liners, add these to the list of items that can be thrown in with all of your recyclables.
  • The gel ice packs: Hurray, you also got free ice packs with your Buttermilk delivery! Interestingly enough, these ice packs can be used over and over. You can put them back in the freezer for future use. Don’t forget to lay them flat so that they are easier to pack with when you decide to use them next! These gel packs are printed with safe labeling, and are completely leak proof to protect your food, or anything you choose to use them for in the future.
  • The empty packets: Once you have emptied the contents of your Buttermilk packet into your bowl or pot, simply rinse the packet if you haven’t done so already, and place in your recycle bin!

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