Living a Normal Life Post-College

I graduated college in May of 2017 - ready to be part of the "real world" and finally figure out what I actually wanted to do in life. In school, I was part of 5 different clubs, while also balancing classes and my (very important) social life. But just three weeks later, my days were occupied by a new school: the full-time job.

Eager to learn everything I needed to know, I poured myself into my new role. This was exactly the plan.

However, once the initial adjustment had passed, I started to feel like I didn’t always know who I was and was also unnerved by the pressure of needing to know who I was. Instead of creating singing covers on Youtube or going out with my friends on Thursdays, I was coming home from work exhausted from my commute, only wanting to sleep or watch Netflix. I grew into this habit, (with the occasional homemade dinner) but I constantly had this lingering feeling that I wasn't doing enough with my time. As a Punjabi woman, I also felt disconnected from my culture and my heritage; there was no longer this readily-available outlet for me to bond with others just like myself. I now had to seek out my experiences.

Fast forward a year and I begun to see a change. I realized that I probably wasn't the only recent grad that was feeling this way and that if I wanted to do more, I needed to stop putting it off.

So with that, I slowly crawled out of the rut and pushed myself into new, but familiar interests. I knew I loved food, bhangra dance, and writing and over the course of just a few months, I joined The Buttermilk Company, won a Bhangra dance competition, and performed at open mic nights.

With these added commitments, my schedule became even busier, but I would regret it if didn't at least make the effort. I have to constantly remind myself to not get too comfortable but I'm really excited to see what's next.

-Kirenjot K.
Buttermilk Head of Marketing
Kirenjot is a clinical researcher by day and Buttermilk enthusiast by night (and day). She is a foodie and an adrenaline junkie. Bucket list? Skydiving and learning how to make dosa.

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