How to Customize Your Buttermilk Pack

There’s nothing like a good home-cooked meal. We know that. I mean obviously, the Buttermilk team knows that. But we always enjoy seeing customers / fellow foodies take our packets for creative spins. #CustomerCreations make our day and continue to inspire us to cook quality food.

Here are our top picks for February 2019.

  1. “Shrimp and Grits” khichdi by @lisamyaf - and it’s vegan! Yep, you heard that right. She went above and beyond to get gritty with our khichdi. Using our creamy khichdi as a base, she topped the “grits” with vegan konjac-based shrimp. Easy to make, fancier on a plate. Wow - yum!

  2. Khichdi with yogurt by @tisnoops - a simple alteration makes for a hearty meal. Khichdi, an Indian staple, is made differently in each region. We use semolina for our packets, which is really great when it comes to absorbing other ingredients (like yogurt!). Yogurt is typically served a side to Indian meals but in this one it's the star. Not only is it great to mix in but it’s also a cooling palette cleanser.

  3. Pav bhaji pasta by @kirenjotk (shameless plug) - we know our bhaji doesn’t come with pav, but what if your carb of choice was pasta and not bread (or both, because why not?). Made by yours truly, I boiled TJ’s brown rice pasta while I sautéed my chopped onions and garlic. I tossed in grape tomatoes, assorted peppers, and finally my pav bhaji packet. Last things last, I added the al dente pasta, let it simmer in the sauce and sprinkled in my seasonings. Served in a bowl. It’s not easy being this smart.

  4. Coconut chutney + chips by @racheljohh - When you have no food but want a taste of the South. Yes. We hear some people pair this with a nice red.

  5. Make it a buffet by @mitraraman - ain't no wedding like an Indian wedding and and Indian wedding has a huge buffet. Why eat one packet when you could do four?

  6. Daal salad. We don’t have the picture-proof for this one because it’s still on our bucket list. But if you liked these, check out our post on different ways to cook daal! Let us know which one you try.

Any of these peak your interest? Test it out and tag us @thebuttermilkco on Instagram! Or post a picture of your own #CustomerCreations and let us know.

-Kirenjot Kaur

Buttermilk Blog Writer
Kirenjot is a clinical researcher by day and Buttermilk enthusiast by night (and day). She is a foodie and an adrenaline junkie. Bucket list? Skydiving and learning how to make dosa.

Questions? Email us at and we’ll get right back to you!

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