From Mitra: Launch Time BTS

Today, we launched Double Servings and our very first monthly limited edition product, Saag. We've been working on these products for a loooong time now, and I can't believe they're finally here!

About 6 months ago, I started taking a very serious look at what we had built. I created Buttermilk's ready-to-eat, fresh, homemade products because I was craving my mom's food and had terrible options to satisfy my cravings. If you're a first or second-generation immigrant, you know what I meant -- you either have to be a cook or deal with whatever the local restaurants have. So, with myself in mind, I created single servings products. The perfect option for my daily lunch or dinner, or whenever I wanted a quick snack :)

The more I spoke to our customers, the more I saw that most people live with at least one other person (or just like extra food for leftovers). When we finally made the decision, the work began. We could have just found new packaging and launched it much quicker, but I wanted to take this opportunity to revise and update everything from the bottom up. We started with our recipes -- how healthy were they really (Indian food is notoriously sodium heavy), were we using the best ingredients and how much could we bring the cost down while improving our quality?

Instead of outsourcing our nutrition testing, we brought it in-house. We broke down the nutritional value of every single ingredient and kept tweaking and testing our recipes to bring them to our ideal goal of low-calorie, low-sodium, and extremely delicious food. So many days and nights spent testing in the kitchen and revising our nutritional spreadsheets have paid off -- Buttermilk products are truly guilt free without losing the homemade taste that we're known for.

Our packaging also got a huge upgrade, in case you haven't noticed ;) When we do events, we get to talk to customers face-to-face and get the best, unfiltered feedback. Something we keep hearing is, "Are these face masks?". It's a compliment in one sense -- we have beautiful packaging! -- and a big lesson in another. So, we took this chance to redesign our packaging to express the high quality and value FOOD that you get in each pouch while maintaining the same fun, colorful designs. We also wanted to share more about the people that make this all possible -- our curators. Each pouch now comes with fun facts about the curator, the dish's history, and the ingredients. It's educational, fun and connects you to what you're eating, and we're so excited about it.

Amid all these changes, our team was going through some changes, too. I moved across the country to support my partner's career while our kitchen + team remains in Seattle where we began. We have built up a great team who cares so much about creating your delicious Indian food that we decided to keep it as is. During all of this, we said goodbye to some team members and are on-boarding others, as well as continuing to deliver your orders. It's chaotic, stressful, exciting, and nerve-wracking all at once. Welcome to startup life!

It's been a wild ride getting these products to you, and I really hope you love them! I read every single piece of feedback you send us in-person, on Instagram, email, or through our surveys and use it to figure out how to make Buttermilk better for you. Our mission is to make authentic ethnic culture accessible wherever you are, and I hope that this new release does just that for you + your family and friends! Thank you for your support as we navigate this start-up world to get you good food that you actually like. Every like, share, order, referral, and satisfied tummy means the world to us -- so keep it up + stock up your fridge ;)

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