4 Different Ways to Eat Daal

If you've ever come across Indian food, whether in a restaurant, wedding, or at home, chances are you've at least heard of daal (lentils). Daal is as essential to an Indian meal as are red cups to a college party. As much as I might crave a burger, sitting down to a homemade plate of daal chawal (lentils + rice) is unbelievably simple yet comforting. There are times, though, when daal isn't always enough. Here are four things I do when I want to spice it up and make it interesting.

  1. The summer heat is starting to make you delirious and what better way to cool off than a refreshing daal salad? With chopped onions, tomatoes, and your trusty seasonings (I personally love lemon + chat masala), you can have a refreshing snack in minutes. You can partially/full cook the daal or leave as is. Chef's choice ;)
  2. Daal mixed in with rice + achar (spicy pickle/official game changer). Or mix in some yogurt for that extra dimension.
  3. Need something quick to kickstart your morning? Make yourself a stack of daal pancakes. Say what?! They’re a great source of protein and fun to make. Add a little water, mix until it’s a frothy consistency and spoon onto a hot pan. Skip the maple syrup and opt for coconut chutney. One Buttermilk packet makes 2 pancakes.
  4. Alas, maybe your creative energy isn’t flowing and all you really want is a steaming bowl of daal. Toast up chapatis, sprinkle some chili powder, and turn on your favorite Bollywood movie (mine is Main Hoon Na). Two classics for a perfect night in.

Next time, when you’re “feeling Indian”, skip the [insert big food delivery company with exorbitant minimums and delivery fees] and try one of these DIY (daal-it-yourself) recipes instead. 

-Kirenjot K.
Buttermilk Head of Marketing
Kirenjot is a clinical researcher by day and Buttermilk enthusiast by night (and day). She is a foodie and an adrenaline junkie. Bucket list? Skydiving and learning how to make dosa.

Questions? Have your own daal variation? Email us at and we’ll get right back to you!

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