4 Benefits of Methi / Fenugreek

Fenny? Fenu..what?

Methi, also known as fenugreek in English, is a leafy herb (technically a legume!) indigenous to the Mediterranean but also grown widely in Asian and European regions (1). Most frequently used in Indian cooking, you can find this sweet, nutty herb in many curries, dry rubs, and tea blends [(2) (3)]. Due to it’s sweet smell, you may even see it in artificial maple syrups and candies. The more you know!

If you enjoy Indian cooking, you know what methi is or have most likely consumed it at some point. It comes in so many forms: leaf, seeds, powder, pill, etc. But here’s what you might not know about the benefits of methi!

  1. Many nursing mothers have heard of fenugreek as it is commonly used as a breast milk flow agent. Not to be consumed while pregnant, fenugreek in the form of tea or a pill has been shown to stimulate lactation. Don’t want to take a supplement? Add dishes like Aloo Methi to your daily menu. (4)
  2. Similar to #1, if taken as a pill or herbal supplement, fenugreek can help boost testosterone and libido levels in men. As men get older, testosterone levels tend to decrease but natural remedies can help play a role in increasing these hormones. Through this, increased testosterone through fenugreek can also boost energy and sharpen the memory! (5)
  3. Not as commonly known, some studies show methi to lower blood sugar and help manage diabetes symptoms. According to, “the seeds contain a fiber [...] that may slow digestion and the body’s absorption of carbohydrates and sugar.” (6)
  4. Lastly, extracts from fenugreek seeds, due to the presence of certain acids, have significant anti-inflammatory properties. Foods that promote inflammation can cause nausea or stomach aches. A common solution to this can be to take a prescribed medicine, however there are many natural ways to fight this, such as adding more anti-inflammatory foods (berries, avocados, spicy foods and of course, methi) to your diet. (7)

Want to try methi in a non-medicinal form? Want to know another place you can discover this complex yet delicious ingredient? Check out Aloo Methi from The Buttermilk Company!

-Kirenjot Kaur

Kirenjot is a clinical researcher by day and Buttermilk enthusiast by night (and day). She is a foodie and an adrenaline junkie. Bucket list? Skydiving and learning how to make dosa.

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